Club Nights

Each month, BCT hosts a Club Night activity that is related to theatre in some way. We provide a variety of activities including workshops, game nights, play-readings and previews of BCT shows. Every month it’s something different, and we try to choose topics that will appeal as broadly as possible. Club Night is also a great way to meet some new friends, and to find out more if you’re thinking of joining BCT.

Club Night usually falls on the first Thursday of the month at Bistro 33. The restaurant is just off Sukhumvit Soi 33, about a 10-minute walk from Phrom Phong BTS, with its own off-street parking.

Club Night activities are free for members of BCT. Non-members are also welcome to come along for an entry fee of just 100 Baht.

See below for information about recent and upcoming Club Night activities. The information is also posted on the Home page of the website, and on our Facebook page.

You can see pictures of some past Club Night events at the bottom of this page.


Our Usual Venue

Club Night for June 1: Learn to Dance on Stage

June 2017 Club Night

Next up for BCT’s monthly Club Night: yes, it is a dance night with award winning choreographer Meirav Botly (Bob Award Winner 2017–and we say that with love). Meirav Botly recently choreographed our very entertaining Aladdin (2016) and she will teach us basic dance steps that might come in handy for any musical auditions. She will choreograph a Broadway song and by the end of the evening we will be ready to perform that musical number.

This may also come in useful for our upcoming auditions of BCT’s next Broadway musical project. So grab some comfortable shoes and wear something comfortable to move in, tell your friends and join us at Bistro 33 at 7:00PM on Thursday, June 1, have some good food and drinks, meet some pretty cool people.. and it’s free for BCT members and a mere THB100 for non-members. You can’t beat that for an entertaining evening out.

Club Night for May 4: How to Audition for a Musical

Bobs 2

What’s next for BCT’s monthly Club Night? Musical auditions and some hints for BCT’s next musical production!

Auditions are usually the most nerve-racking experience actors can have and musical auditions are the worst. If you are a singer/actor, this coming BCT club night is the perfect opportunity for you to get some tips on how to audition for musicals and get that singing role you’ve always wanted.

Knowing your voice, finding the perfect song, getting vocally and mentally ready before your fine minutes in front of 3-5 person panel will become a lot easier. Also, you will get some hints from the director and music director of BCT’s next Broadway musical project. So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar and bring the music sheets of your audition songs and join us at Bistro 33 at 7:00PM on Thursday, May 4th, have some good food and drinks, meet some pretty cool people and bring along you own friends too. And it’s free for BCT members and a mere THB100 for non-members… you can’t beat that for an entertaining evening out.

When: May 4, 2017, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Where: Bistro 33

Who: Anyone wanting a great evening out!

Club Night for April 6: Acting on the Fly

Mark your calendars now! The April 6 club night will be run by the ever entertaining and enlightening Cian Green!

Have you ever wondered how actors effortlessly become another person? Have you ever wanted to act but are scared of getting up in front of others? Well this month’s BCT club night will be perfect for you. ‘Acting on the fly’ is meant for beginners that want to act but don’t know where to start. This BCT club night will give you the tips and tricks needed to pick up any script and start thinking about theatre space and moving through it. Learn what to expect from a director and most importantly how to pick up a script and turn words on a page into a fully fleshed character.

The club night is open for beginners that want a good grounding and any experienced actors that want a fun refresher. It is tied together with theatre games, improvisation activities and script work to give you an excellent grounding in all things acting.

Check our Facebook page, and stay tuned for more details. It’ll be a blast as always!

2017 Annual General Meeting

2017 AGM
Thursday, 2nd February

2017 AGM

Yes it’s here!
BCT’s Annual General Meeting & BOB Awards will be held on Thursday, 2nd February at Bistro 33.

Come along in your swankiest black & red gear, swig happy-hour-priced cocktails all night long, nibble complimentary scrumptious nosh, wax nostalgic about past shows, get excited about future ones, and celebrate our BCT family’s foibles with the presentation of the Bob Awards, BCT’s tongue-in-cheek answer to the Oscars.

There will be a glittering array of door prizes (1 chance per paid up member) and if you renew by 7:30pm or bring a new member, you’ll earn an extra chance!

As always, it’s the first Thursday of the month at Bistro 33. So circle the date in your diary, and please RSVP to by 25th January to help Bistro arrange the catering.

Full Membership: 600 Baht
Student Membership: 300 Baht
Guests: 400 Baht

January Club Night

Stage Combat
Thursday, 5th January

Stage Combat

January Club Night will be a fun and informative evening of learning stage combat! Hosted by the talented and entertaining Cian Green, who recently ran the highly energetic “Theatre Sports” club night, it’s sure to be a riotous night of fun and entertainment.

Learn how to slap, punch, pull hair and kick your opponent all without hurting anyone. You will learn techniques to make your onstage fight look all that more real. Please remember to wear comfortable clothing that easy to move in.

Join us at Bistro 33 at 7:00pm, have some good food and drinks, meet some pretty cool people and bring along your own friends too. And, it’s free for BCT members and a mere THB 100 for non-members…you can’t beat that for an entertaining evening out! Kabaam!