June 2017 Club Night

Next up for BCT’s monthly Club Night: yes, it is a dance night with award winning choreographer Meirav Botly (Bob Award Winner 2017–and we say that with love). Meirav Botly recently choreographed our very entertaining Aladdin (2016) and she will teach us basic dance steps that might come in handy for any musical auditions. She will choreograph a Broadway song and by the end of the evening we will be ready to perform that musical number.

This may also come in useful for our upcoming auditions of BCT’s next Broadway musical project. So grab some comfortable shoes and wear something comfortable to move in, tell your friends and join us at Bistro 33 at 7:00PM on Thursday, June 1, have some good food and drinks, meet some pretty cool people.. and it’s free for BCT members and a mere THB100 for non-members. You can’t beat that for an entertaining evening out.