Mark your calendars now! The April 6 club night will be run by the ever entertaining and enlightening Cian Green!

Have you ever wondered how actors effortlessly become another person? Have you ever wanted to act but are scared of getting up in front of others? Well this month’s BCT club night will be perfect for you. ‘Acting on the fly’ is meant for beginners that want to act but don’t know where to start. This BCT club night will give you the tips and tricks needed to pick up any script and start thinking about theatre space and moving through it. Learn what to expect from a director and most importantly how to pick up a script and turn words on a page into a fully fleshed character.

The club night is open for beginners that want a good grounding and any experienced actors that want a fun refresher. It is tied together with theatre games, improvisation activities and script work to give you an excellent grounding in all things acting.

Check our Facebook page, and stay tuned for more details. It’ll be a blast as always!